Experience from Cumbria Welding Owner – Gary Pattinson

As a young boy brought up in Bootle, on the West Coast of Cumbria, I always enjoyed mechanics and welding. After many years watching and annoying my uncle as a child, I was finally bought my first MIG for Christmas age 10!
I had this for many years, making all sorts of random objects and patching up old dirt bikes for myself and my friends.

Once I left school, I worked for a few years on Wembley Stadium, then returned home and settled down to work in specialising in Keenan Diet Feeders relining the “belly” and “augers” of all kinds of machines. I spent 5 years relining and refurbishing old machines and modifying new ones on and off site across the whole of the North of England.

I was grateful to be offered the job as service engineer after two years of intensive training and hard work inside the workshop. I trained in the engineering side of the machines, overhead and vertical welding, heavy steel works welding and technical and intricate welding.

A lot of parts were made inside the workshop giving me a great insight into not only the welding but fabrication and engineering of steel in many shapes strengths and forms.

I have since worked in many agricultural, industrial and mechanical roles which have called on my welding skills.

If I can’t help you directly, I’ll know someone who can, for more information please get in touch here.